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Pole Dancing for Exercise

Do you know the reason why you cannot seem to stick to that exercise program you have chosen? It is because you are bored of that exercise program. Even going out and walking down the road or the track can be boring. Many individuals choose to go to the gym to do their exercises, but even this can be boring. If you are the type of individual that gets bored a lot, then you may want to look into pole dancing for exercise. Believe it or not, […]

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Exercise With Pole Dancing Poles

First came Jane Fonda’s aerobic workout with step classes, then other forms of exercise became popular such as yoga, spinning, and now the newest fashionably fit craze comes from an unexpected source: pole dancing! In case think pole dancing is easy “I can do that,” think again. It’s a very athletic workout that takes skill, training and strength. Not just any pole will do–there are specific top pole dancing poles. These slender metal poles are intended to mimic those used by exotic dancers in clubs. Top poles […]

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Pole Dancing to Keep Fit

Just recently, women who are looking for a form to exercise have started to turn to pole dancing to keep fit. There is no denying that pole dancing has become pretty popular throughout the years and many women use it for their benefits. Not only do they grab the attention of most of the men, but they also grab the attention of their body fat and make it run off. Yes, you will be able to lose weight if you turn to pole dancing to keep fit. […]

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