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Learn the Basics of Pole Dancing

Gone are the days when pole dancing was strictly seen as provocative choreography. That’s right! Exotic pole dancing is being used more and more to help tone muscles and shed unwanted pounds. It’s not a wonder why, once one pays attention to the grace and skill required to perform the moves. Many pole dancing techniques are actually based on ballet, modern dance, and gymnastic moves. So, if you’re wanting to get that dancer’s body and have a little fun while doing so, then pole dancing may be […]

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Learn the Art of Pole Dancing

Whether you are looking for some wedding night fun or if you’ve been married for awhile, pole dancing is a great way to spice up your bedroom life. Just looking for a fun new exercise? Learning how to pole dance is a great way to get in shape. Reasons To Learn How To Pole Dance 1: You want a fun and new exercise routine 2: You want to spice up your marriage and surprise your husband 3: You want a new hobby 4: You think it would […]

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