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Which Pole Dancing Pole Is Right for You

It is also possible to get standard pole dancing poles that glow and these poles have LED lighting that makes them look attractive. There are portable dance poles which have many of the same advantages as a standard dance pole. First of all not everyone sees the positive side of pole dancing so it definitely is not something that you want someone seeing around your house. With the portable dance pole it lets you to put up the pole when it is needed and then easily take […]

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Exercise With Pole Dancing Poles

First came Jane Fonda’s aerobic workout with step classes, then other forms of exercise became popular such as yoga, spinning, and now the newest fashionably fit craze comes from an unexpected source: pole dancing! In case think pole dancing is easy “I can do that,” think again. It’s a very athletic workout that takes skill, training and strength. Not just any pole will do–there are specific top pole dancing poles. These slender metal poles are intended to mimic those used by exotic dancers in clubs. Top poles […]

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